Classy Home in a Budget

Decorating a house could be fun, exciting and challenging. From the styles, color combinations and furniture to use. Let us not forget the budgeting. Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways and helpful ideas that will help us set-up an elegant yet budget-friendly homes.

Here are some helpful tips you can check in able to make your home classy:

  1. Add some mirrors – Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of extra room and will make it look bigger.


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  1. Low Furniture – Short pieces, like this tufted couch, keep an open floor plan cozy. Add area rugs to define individual “rooms” within the space.


(ct: goodhouekeeping)

  1. Painting the house light colors – If sunlight is hard to come by, fake it via paint color.



These ideas will help you in decorating your homes.

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Weekend Project Wednesday – DIY Kitcherriffic!

Love to cook? If you do, I know one of the favorite parts of the house is kitchen! You want to have an awesome kitchen? Are you thinking about the budget? No worries! There are many ways we can upgrade our kitchens and make it “kitcherriffic” that will not cost you that much!


You can upgrade cabinets with quick molding and a new stain, paint it, use wallpapers and more!


Here are some DIY tricks you can do to your kitchen.


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Green Thumb

Are you a plant lover? Planning to put some little indoor greenery?

Indoor plants decoration makes your living space more comfortable, breathable, and luxurious.

Here are some perfect ideas you can follow.

Take plants up from ground level and line them up on a bench. The narrow width won’t take up much space but will make a huge impact.

Go vintage with found containers that hold herbs and bring greenery to your windowsill


Add some modern touch


Greenery brings beauty, character, texture and good energy into every space. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, taking care of real flowers and plants brings a certain amount of meditation into your everyday routine as you take care of them and watch them thrive.


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TBT – Aerojet Dade Rocket Facility

NASA built a rocket test facility in Homestead, Florida, in the 1960s. When the project ended, the government left the site intact—and there’s still a rocket there today.

Located in the middle of 25,000 acres of land purchased by the Aerojet Company in the early 1960’s, the test site was developed to experiment with various types of rocket fuel with which to get humans into space. Two rocket silos were built into the ground and during its operating life, the complex tested three different rocket types at full-burn. These static tests gauged the effectiveness of solid rocket fuel, the last test rocket being the largest solid-fuel rocket ever built. This last test saw the release of hydrochloric acids across the surrounding crops and wetlands, making the facility less than popular among the locals.






Weekend Project Wednesday – Easter

Easter is coming up. Do you have any plans on how you can make it fun and exciting? There’s a lot of fun ideas we can do!
We can have all of the family members participate and play this Easter. Time to take a break from work and bond with your family at home.

Here are some fun things you can do;

1. Popping some egg-shaped balloons
2. smash that egg – an egg-shaped pinata
3. decorate your house like an “egg zone” place and have your kids help you
4. Having some “egg painting contest” and more!

We all know that Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible. Let us have fun and exciting weekend with our loved ones!

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Location, Location

Location, Location

We often hear “location” when it comes to buying a home.

Why location is very important? Choosing your location is a big factor you have to consider before buying your house. Whether it’s for an investment, an upgrade to your lifestyle.


You should determine or know what kind of home that will suits your needs.


Within a particular area, different neighborhoods will have different characteristics. You’ll want to pick the one that is the closest fit to your lifestyle and personality – a place where you’ll feel comfortable and where you are likely to get along with your neighbors.

Read more: Buying A Home: Choosing Your Location | Investopedia

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