TBT – Aerojet Dade Rocket Facility

NASA built a rocket test facility in Homestead, Florida, in the 1960s. When the project ended, the government left the site intact—and there’s still a rocket there today.

Located in the middle of 25,000 acres of land purchased by the Aerojet Company in the early 1960’s, the test site was developed to experiment with various types of rocket fuel with which to get humans into space. Two rocket silos were built into the ground and during its operating life, the complex tested three different rocket types at full-burn. These static tests gauged the effectiveness of solid rocket fuel, the last test rocket being the largest solid-fuel rocket ever built. This last test saw the release of hydrochloric acids across the surrounding crops and wetlands, making the facility less than popular among the locals.





Source: http://www.atlasobscura.com


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